Ticket Prices:

  • At the door: Backstage $50, Prejudging$25/Finals: $30 (CASH ONLY).
  • Children under 6-12 years old: 50% off at the door
  • Infants (0 to 5 years old): FREE

Backstage Passes (Limited 1 Per Athlete)
9:00 AM
Early Entrance for Coaches
Coaches are allowed in early to help athletes with preparation stage appearance.

Friends and Family can also purchase a Backstage Pass.

Only those with VIP Wrist Bands will be allowed Backstage.

This will be strictly enforced.

Pre-Judging Tickets ONLY

9:45 AM Doors, 10:00 AM Pre-Judging start
Show Pre-Judging is the technical judging round.

Most of the judging takes place at this time and will
decide the winner which is announced at finals.

Finals Tickets ONLY

1:45 PM Doors, 2:00 PM Show Start

At finals, all competitors will appear on stage, perform turns and routines.

Final placing will be determined and awarded.


Combo Deal Pre/Final $40

Includes Pre-Judging and finals